Time:one long day
Difficulty:very difficult and long, 16+ pitches (500+m climbing), all within 5c-6a+
People on this trip:  one
Online:topo on camptocamp
This route is an absolute must for any climber that enjoys plaisir climbing. It starts at the valley floor, links two routes in the multipitch cliffs Eole and Eole superior and then finds its way all the way to the top of the Pissevache cliffs. More than 16 pitches of different sorts of climbing in solid gneiss rock: cracks, slabs, steeps. Each pitch within the 5c to 6a+ range.
Besides, this is an ideal climb to take your other best half. The name says it.
On this outing we had a slow morning and started quite late (11am). Thus, we only climbed the first 16 (or so) pitches and left the second (more disconnected) part of the route for another time. Have a look at the pictures for an overview.