Time:2-3 days, one day approach to the Fründen hut, one or two days of climbing the surrounding peaks
Difficulty:advanced mountaineering to very difficult climbing, all is possible
People:up to two
Access point:  Kandersteg (map) and hike to the Fründen hut

The Fünden hut is a great basecamp for advanced mountaineering trips. The approach takes up to a full day of hiking. The surrounding peaks offer near endless opportunities for mountaineering objectives: Fündenhorn via different routes, Doldenhorn via the famous Gallet ridge, and even a traverse towards the Blüemlisalphorn is possible.
On this trip we had three days time to spend in this beautiful area. Weather permitting, we climbed a subpeak of the Fründenhorn and did an attempt on the Gallet ridge (turned around by conditions and weather).
If you are looking for a location to spice up your mountaineering skills and experiences, this is the place to come to.