Time:weekend, two days
Difficulty:advanced to very difficult. Patri (WI4, 250m), Repentance Super (WI5-6, 230m to the very top)
People on this trip:  one
Place:Cogne, Italy
Online:topo Patri, topo Repentance Super
Note:60m ropes required for the rappels from the top
Cogne is a Mecca for waterfall ice climbing. Essentially every serious ice climber has done at least one pilgrimage to climb its solid ice columns. We spent two days climbing two very classic routes: Patri left and right and Repentance Super. We were fortunate enough to have some extra time on Patri which made us climb some pitches twice, just for fun. Conditions on Repentance were also great and we could climb all the way to the summit plateau.