Time:three days on this trip
Difficulty:easy to very difficult
People on this trip:  one
Place:Binn (map)
The valley of Binn offers many great classic ski touring ascents. Having three days time we took the first day to approach the hut by climbing Grosses Schinhorn and then descending back to the Binntal hut. The second day, we skied in the direct of Hohsandhorn. Strong winds and a bad stomach turned us around a few hundred meters below the summit. We still enjoyed great powder turns and magnificent views. The third day, we skied an (up to our knowledge) unnamed couloir in the vicinity of the hut (on the north aspect below Albrunhorn). This was certainly the highlight of the trip: 300m between 37 and 55 degrees. Above the couloir we climbed to the col below Corno di Valdeserta (2760m). Have a look at the pictures to get a grasp of the steepness and fascinating landscapes!