Time:one to two days
Difficulty:very difficult, ice climbing for 1000m of moderate steepness (IV, D, 1000m)
People on this trip:  one
Place:Access from Grands Montets with the lift from Chamonix, Mont-Blanc
Online:topo on camptocamp
The Aiguille Verte is one of the most scenic 4000ers of the Alps. It is the iconic mountain that is always visible from the Chamonix valley and offers a splendid view on the entire Mont Blanc range. It was first climbed by Edward Whymper, Christian Almer, and Franz Biner in 1965. Their way of ascent, called the Whymper couloir, became the standard descent route from the summit.
The Courturier couloir was first climbed by Marcel Couturier, Armand Charlet, and Jules Simond in 1932. It still constitutes one of the very classic long ice climbs of moderate difficulty, even to modern standards. Fast parties can climb this itinerary within a day from the first cable car (which we did). However, if you choose this option, since the descent route (Whymper couloir) takes a lot of sun you might have to wait on the summit for colder temperatures. The sun leaves the descent couloir around 5.30pm (at the end of April).